Why Get Involved with MoTAS?

At our September meeting, I asked the members present why they got involved with the Men of TAS. A fair number got involved for the service component — being in MoTAS provides and easy and fun way to do service and support the TAS Community. We cook, we build, we clean, we provide support (both physical and financial). Contributions of both time and funds come back to the congregation, and a lesser extent, the membership.

However, service wasn’t the primary reason that most people got involved and stay involved. It was the people — the men — of MoTAS. MoTAS provides a group of reasonable size that permits you to get to know others in the congregation. Unlike the cohort of parents in the Religious School who are bound together by their children, the Men of TAS come together because we like each other. Yes, we have a speaker at our meeting. The bulk of the meeting, however, is seeing our friends.

If you are a man in the congregation — whatever age — we invite you to come to a meeting. Get to know the men who are active in the congregation, across all age ranges. We count on you for the continuity of MoTAS.

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