The following are some useful resources for the Men of TAS:

Temple Ahavat Shalom

Reform Judaism

Judaism in General

Congregational Improvement

  • Connected Congregations. A “Connected Congregation” is a synagogue that deeply understands the meaning of community, and works explicitly to build a strong, meaningful and engaged Jewish community.  Connected Congregations prioritize relationships and shared values as the foundation of a successful synagogue, and align all aspects of institutional management in service of this community.  Those who are part of connected congregations feel a sense of shared ownership and responsibility for each other and the collective, and are empowered to contribute their ideas, energy and resources.
  • The Jewish Boomer Platform. B3 was created in response to a rapidly emerging trend: as Jewish Boomers age and their families and careers change, they are faced with many choices. What they do will have enormous consequences for them, their families, their communities…and for succeeding generations. In fact, B3 believes that the intersection of Boomer engagement and generational connections has the potential to transform our jewish communities–and help them deal with the challenges of the 21st Century.

Mens Health Issues


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