MoTAS Grants


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One of the raison d’êtres of the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom is as an ancillary fundraising arm. MoTAS does this in multiple ways:

  • We provided budgeted annual commitments to the general fund.
  • We encourage our members to support congregational fund raising activities.
  • We provide grants to specific congregational programs and activities.

The grant activity is, in turn, supported in two ways:

  • Our Sports Squares program raises funds specifically earmarked for use as grants.
  • Our major fundraisers, such as the annual Golf Tournament, raise funds for the MoTAS general fund and identified social action partners. When the MoTAS general fund exceeds our targeted fund balance, MoTAS provides grants to bring our fund balance back to the target level.

Grant Program Rules

Each year MoTAS establishes a grant committee to make the decisions regarding which grants are funded. Grants are governed by the following rules:

  1. Funding requests are made through our Grant Funding Request Form (which may be downloaded and completed in Adobe Acrobat), and emailed to, or printed and placed in the MoTAS Box or mailed to MoTAS c/o Temple Ahavat Shalom.
  2. Funding requests may be made in any amount.
  3. Funding requests may only be made by current TAS members.
  4. Funding availability is based on current funding programs and applications submitted before a deadline will be considered for all available programs.
  5. MoTAS maintains a funding request spreadsheet; applications may request that unfunded or partially-funded requests be entered for future consideration of funding.
  6. Funding is only provided for congregational programs/requests that support TAS members and the TAS mission (social action programs are addressed by a separate funding program)
  7. MoTAS has the sole discretion on fully or partially granting funding requests, and reserves the right to fund additional initiatives it deems in the best interest of TAS.

Current Funding Programs

Currently, MoTAS is accepting grant applications against the following funding programs:

  • 2015 Superbowl and NCAA Squares

Recently Announced Grants

The following is a summary of recently announced MoTAS Grants:

Spring 2015 Superbowl Squares

  • Alumni Outreach program – $400
  • Gifts for Seniors graduating from TAS High – ~150
  • Large-Size and Lighter Prayerbook – Remainder [Update: It turns out the temple had these but they weren’t publicized, so we’ll roll over the balance to NCAA Squares grants]

Fall 2014 Football Squares:

  • —L’Taken Scholarships – $900
  • —TASTY Support – $400
  • —Avodah-ships for Songleaders Bootcamp – $400
  • —Professional Combo of Musicians for an upcoming Shabbat – $600
  • —Youth Choir Shirts – $700

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