Sports Squares: 2016-2017 Results

NCAA Madness 2017 Squares

Here is the status of the winners for the NCAA Madness (Basketball) 2017 program:

Week# Contest Half Final
W Semi 3/31
South Carolina vs. Stanford
Ryan Moorman Diane Levine
W Semi 3/31
Mississippi State vs. Connecticut
Ryan Moorman Joe Sculler
M Semi 4/1
Gonzaga vs. South Carolina
Linda Sculler Suzette Kaulukukui
M Semi 4/1
North Carolina vs. Oregon
Judith Tishkoff † Howard Miller and Roseanna Sculler
W Final 4/2
Mississippi State vs. South Carolina
† Suzette Kaulukukui Karen Davis
M Final 4/3
Gonzaga vs. North Carolina
† Roger Lowe Lisa Soronow

† – Tiebreaker Used

This iteration of NCAA Madness (Basketball) Squares was not fully subscribed, and raised a net of $1000. Donations from the NCAA Madness (Basketball) 2017 Squares:

  • Wireless Mics for Clergy – $1000 (balance of $88.23 covered by 2017-2018 squares)

Superbowl 2017 Squares

Here is the status of the winners for the Superbowl Squares 2017 program:

Week# Contest Q1† Q2 Q3 Final
* 2/5
Patriots vs. Falcons
Brian Hatkoff / Steve Rosen / Stanford Hendrickson / Howard Miller Melissa Kassan Joe Blachman Bob Levine

†: Score went to a blocked square ({0,3,7}×{0,3,7}). The tiebreaker was the total number points scored by both teams at the end of the game, which was 62. Four people had that number, so they split the tiebreaker pool.

This iteration was fully subscribed, and raised $1125. Donations from the Superbowl 2017 Squares:

  • Balance of Drum Set for Cantor – $140
  • ECEC Kitchen Repair – $41.23
  • Wireless Mics for Clergy – $2032 total – $943.77 from Superbowl Squares (balance out of future squares)

Fall 2016 Football Squares

Here is the status of the winners for the Fall 2016 Football Squares program (* – home):

Week# Contest Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
1 9/12
Rams vs. 49ers*
Bob Rosen Al Lapides Al Lapides Roseanna Sculler
2 9/19
Eagles vs. Bears*
Debbie Lutz Alan Kassan Ashlan Gee Ben Tenn
3 9/26
Falcons vs. Saints*
Rabbi Lutz Scott Pullman Les Birken Ron Friedman
4 10/3
Giants vs. Vikings*
Benjamin Kleinbrodt Joe Sculler Barry Mann Adam Garelik
5 10/10
Buccaneers vs. Panthers*
Alan Kassan Sheila Erin Peltzman Maureen Kleinbrodt
6 10/17
Jets vs. Cardinals*
Allyson Kleinbrodt Stephanie Moorman Ben Birken Helene Kimmel
7 10/24
Texans vs. Broncos*
Les Birken Debbie Lutz Bill Shapiro Adam Lewis
8 10/31
Vikings vs. Bears*
Scott Pullman Bob Rosen Laraine Miller Alyse Caskey
9 11/7
Bills vs. Seahawks*
Richard Erkus Allyson Kleinbrodt Allyson Kleinbrodt Bill Shapiro
10 11/14
Bengals vs. Giants*
Ron Friedman Debby Lieber Debby Lieber Daniel Faigin
11 11/21
Texans vs. Raiders*
Mike Thornhill Benj Kleinbrodt Joe Sculler Steve Sculler
12 11/28
Packers vs. Eagles*
Bob Levine Al Lapides Barry Mann Barry Mann
13 12/5
Colts vs. Jets*
Daniel Faigin Luna (Lauren Rosenberg) Luna (Lauren Rosenberg) Alan Kassan
14 12/12
Ravens vs. Patriots*
Jeff Shulman Debbie Thornhill Gordon Recht Mike Mintz
15 12/19
Panthers vs. Washington*
Daniel Faigin Diane Levine Diane Levine Chris Bash
16 12/26
Lions vs. Cowboys*
Lauren Rosenberg (Luna) David Jaques Brian Whiteman Scott Pullman

‡ (Note: the tentative results were posted with an error due to the webmaster swapping the rows with the columns. Believe the gridmasters. Always believe the gridmasters)

This iteration was fully subscribed, and raised $3000. Donations from the 2016 Football Squares:

  • Camperships: $2,500
  • Seder Plates for 19 Graduating TAS High Students: $325
  • Drum Set for Cantor: $175 (Football) + $140 (Superbowl)