Men of the Year

Every year, the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom select one or more individuals to honor as our “Man of the Year”. As a goal, the qualities the Man of the Year must embody are as follows:

  1. They must be a MoTAS Member (male member of TAS); active MoTAS preferred.
  2. They must embody the values of MoTAS:
    1. They serve as a role model to other men in the congregation.
    2. They are always welcoming to visitors and TAS members.
    3. They embody T-A-G: that is, they are visible at religious activities, they do service for the congregation and MoTAS, and they gives of themselves in some tangible fashion (not necessarily monetarily).
  3. They haven’t been honored as a Man of the Year within the last 5 years.

The following men have been recognized for embodying these values and for their service to MoTAS and to Temple Ahavat Shalom. They have been recognized regionally at the annual Man of the Year Dinner hosted by the Men of Reform Judaism. This “wall of honor” recognizes our honorees over the years:

Year Honoree
1999 Robert Levin
2000 Brian Morgen
2001 Howard Miller
2002 Ben Tenn
2003 Gordon Lester
2004 Chuck Mondrus
2005 Mel Janis
2006 Robert Ingrum
2007 Jerry Hilecher
2008 Joe Blachman
2009 Brian Hatkoff
2010 Michael Doner
2011 Joel Lowell
2012 Al Lapides
2013 Mike Thornhill
2014 Scott Yolis
Steve Zonis
2015 Bob Levine
2016 Barry Mann
2017 Daniel Faigin
2018 Roger Lowe
2019 Frank Soronow
2020 Les Birken
2021 Hal Bass
2022 Mike Rayfield

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