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Funding2018 Annual Appeal



Dear Fellow Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom,

I am asking for your help in keeping existing Synagogue members, attracting new members and raising money to benefit our temple family.  Why should you consider this?

Judaism is still revolutionary in the most positive way.  Its goals of elevating us as individuals and strengthening families has resulted in goodness and improved the human condition wherever it is practiced.

The biggest challenges facing TAS Northridge are keeping existing members and attracting new members.  Men of TAS are engaged in reaching those goals by improving our facility and championing Jewish values with a focus on the individual and family.

Men of TAS have donated new wireless microphones so our songs and music can be heard.  We are making much-needed repairs to our buildings and are remodeling the office kitchen, so what people see reflects our inner beauty.  We continue to support the children of our congregation by providing funds for Camperships, Avodah and other programs.

To advance our values of improving individuals’ lives and families, Men of TAS are on the Board of Trustees, Marketing, Budget and Finance, and Rabbi Search committees.  Jewish values like forgiveness and striving to do better.  Helping individuals find spiritual fulfillment and peace.  Helping families heal what is broken and strengthen what is good.

Men of TAS have been generous with their time, expertise and money, but meeting the challenges before us requires more of all three.  That means we depend on help from you.

We ask for your financial support since we do not charge dues.  We want all male temple members to be able to participate without financial burden.  If these goals inspire you, I invite you to join Men of TAS for a free and friendly breakfast.  See the TAS Northridge calendar for our next Men of TAS Sunday meeting.

While I am enthusiastic to promote Men of TAS, I am also conscious of the bigger picture.  We are here to support the wonderful individuals and families that come together around the Jewish values TAS Northridge exemplifies.  I invite you to join Men of TAS in working together to feel happier personally and continue the Jewish values that have resulted in goodness the world over.

Encourage your friends and family to:

  • Check out our websites and
  • Join us for Shabbat. Ask the person that greets you to introduce you to a Men of TAS member.
  • Strengthen their family by enrolling their children in our school.



P.S.: We want to make donating easy. You can fill out and mail-in the printable form, you can donate online, or you can contact our Treasurer (and 2018 Man of the Year) Roger Lowe at to coordinate paying via Zelle, Venmo or Paypal.


P.P.S. If you would also like to support MoTAS in our temple beautification projects, the attached form has a segment for additional contributions to what we call “TAS Pride”. This money will go specifically for the further beautification of our temple buildings, grounds and play areas.


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