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Sholem Aleikhem (Yiddish for Peace Be Upon You),

Surprise, you’re a member of Men of TAS!  All men in the congregation are. As such, you’re entitled to a free breakfast buffet one Sunday a month at a Men of TAS meeting.  See the Temple calendar at for dates, and watch for announcements in The MoTAS Weekly (which is also posted at

In 2012, ignoring the objections of our accountant, the Men of TAS eliminated the dues requirement for membership.  We moved to an inclusive model where every man in TAS is part of the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom. Since we don’t have dues, we don’t have steady revenue.  So, every year Men of TAS asks you to support our work financially.  That’s why I am writing you today.

You can contribute either by printing the form linked below, or by using the “Donate” button below. Note that MoTAS receives no financial support from the TAS budget; our funds are separate.


I want to personally express my gratitude to everyone who has supported Men of TAS, in any way.  Your deeds and contributions have made our congregation a warmer and more welcoming place.

Our Sunday meetings are a relaxed place to hang out, joke, eat great food and enjoy our Brotherhood.  A Brotherhood of men who share Jewish values, welcome and respect each other, and promote each other’s well being.

The Men of TAS put on fun casual events that reinforce our Temple’s cultural values.  Examples: Shabbat outdoor grilled dinner buffets.  It’s a combination of Shabbat and Barbeque, hence the name Shabbabaque.  On the first day of religious school we host a free pancake breakfast.  Again, dismissing the objections of our accountant, we flip flap-jacks for free.   All kids, parents, teachers and staff are included in the fun.

To strengthen our Jewish spirit, we have Men’s Seder and Men’s Shabbat.  This also provides opportunities for participation as the individual men see fit.

Golfers, we have a first class Golf tournament and 2017 is going to be great.  It’s open to the whole community.  You can reward clients, strengthen friendships and build workplace teams.  Lunch on the course, entertainment, and dinner are included.  Contact us to join the fun.

Last year we lead a project that resulted in the Temple’s kitchen being significantly improved.  New refrigerators and freezers were installed.  The ventilation system was degreased.  One of our members even installed a new swamp cooler, electrical and all!  I can’t compete with that.  I am just grateful for every ones participation and contributions.

See your friends and fellow congregants that have really stepped up to support us on our website’s Wall of Honor at Join the Wall of Honor yourself by donating 100 or more shekels (dollars).

Before Judaism, the world’s values were based on idolatry, bribing gods, and rule of the physically strong. Judaism still leads our world to a better society.   To quote Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, “Hashem brings an entire nation out of slavery and servitude; persuades them to follow him into the desert, and eventually to the Promised Land, and there build a new kind of society, based not on power but on justice, welfare, respect for the dignity of the human person and on collective responsibility for the rule of law.”

Come by TAS Northridge for Shabbat.  Look around at our beautiful facility.  Wave and smile at your beautiful congregational family.  Remember with joy the ones who are no longer here.

Let’s walk together, L’dor va’dor, from generation to generation, as you sustain and enliven our precious Jewish traditions.


Frank Soronow
President, Men of TAS

P.S.: Your generous gift will provide fun events for all Temple members, kids to adults, teachers and staff.  Continue to repair and improve our facilities.  Most importantly, it will help us continue teaching and living the Jewish values that guide and enrich all our lives.


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