Past Presidents of MoTAS

The following individuals have had the honor of serving as a President of the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom (formerly known as the “Men’s Club”):

Name Years of Service
Howard Miller 2018-2021
Frank Soronow 2016-2018
Daniel Faigin 2014-2016
Bob Levine 2011-2014
Mike Thornhill 2010-2011
Joel Lowell 2008-2010
Brian Hatkoff 2006-2008
Jerry Hilecher 2005-2006
Joe Blachman 2003-2005
Robert Ingrum 2001-2003
Chuck Mondrus 1999-2001
Mike Doner 1997-1999
Ben Tenn 1995-1997
Bob Levin 1993-1995
Gordon Lester 1991-1993

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