Overwhelmed by Shabbabaque – We Want To Make It Right

The following will appear in this week’s MoTAS weekly, as well as being worked into a congregational message:

Wow! What a Shabbabaque! On Friday, August 21st, MoTAS (in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary Committee) hosted our 50th anniversary Shabbabaque. Attendance was amazing – with an extremely large number of last minute walk-ups at the door. We did our best to accommodate everyone, but some food items unfortunately ran out early (we based our purchases on the RSVPs by the Wednesday deadline plus volunteers and an allowance for typical late registrations and walkups). In our long string of successful Shabbabaques, this has very rarely happened. MoTAS wants participants in its events to walk away with a good feeling – if you left dissatisfied, please let us know and we will do what we can to make things right (including a refund, if appropriate). To do so, contact the MoTAS President, Daniel Faigin, at president@tasnorthridge-motas.org or the Treasurer, Roger Lowe, at treasurer@tasnorthridge.motas.org or 818-576-8980. Pictures will be on the TAS website shortly.

Our goal is to constantly improve our Shabbabaques — we can always make them better. To that end, we would love your comments on what worked well about the Shabbabaque (pluses), and where we can improve (deltas). We already know to order more food J . You can leave a comment on the event page at http://shab-bbq.tasnorthridge-motas.org/, or send an email with your pluses/deltas to president@tasnorthridge-motas.org. You can also comment on this post.

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