Building on the Support of the Men of TAS

Support. The dictionary definition is the supports bear the weight of something or keep it upright. For MoTAS, it is the support of the men of Temple Ahavat Shalom and the larger community that enables us to do what we do. This support comes in many forms:

  • Our Annual Appeal (link). This occurs in January, and we’re very pleased at all of you who responded. Even without formal dues, the men of TAS show they value what we do.
  • The Golf Tournament (link). The bulk of our support comes from the Golf Tournament. There are many ways for you to support the Golf Tournament, from playing or recruiting players, sponsoring or recruiting sponsors, buying or soliciting ads for the TAS Calendar/Golf program, or getting donations. The Golf Tournament is a wonderful way to bring in support from friends, colleagues, co-workers, and the community.
  • Sports Squares (link). The sports squares program is an easy way to fund specific activities of the congregation that might not normally get funded.
  • Underwriting Events. Something we haven’t done before — but are seriously considering — is soliciting event sponsors for our “breakeven” activites. Underwriting an event — be it a monthly breakfast, the Pancake Breakfast, a special activities — relieves the cost of that activity and permits any income raised to support MoTAS. Contact the MoTAS President if you would be interested in sponsoring an activity.

Thank you in advance for your support of MoTAS, be it in one (or more) of the ways above, or simply by showing up at an activity or volunteering to help MoTAS.

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