MoTAS Weekly for 7/15/15: Help MoTAS Help TAS

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1. MoTAS Needs Your Help

During the summer, as events are less frequent, I could repeat the same MoTAS Weekly articles with slight changes. Instead, I’m devoting this entire issue to a very critical way that anyone in the congregation can help the Men of TAS do what we do for the congregation: Help the MoTAS Annual Golf Tournament (scheduled for Monday, October 19, 2015 at Calabasas Country Club — if you do nothing else, visit for more information). Here are two other useful links (I made a golf pun):

The MoTAS Annual Golf Tournament is the primary way we raise money that helps us help the congregation and its social action partners. We do raise a small amount from those who support our annual appeal, but the vast bulk of our funds comes from the Golf Tournament. Last year’s Golf Tournament did not result in the surplus we budgeted; as a result, we’re really pushing to make this year’s tournament a success.

Here’s an important fact to remember: You don’t need to play golf to support the golf tournament. You don’t need to come out to the tournament to support the Golf Tournament. You don’t even have to write a personal check (of course, we do welcome those). Here are some of the ways that anyone can help the Golf Tournament:

Support the TAS Calendar/Golf Tournament Program.

You may have seen last year’s calendar in the Temple Foyer. This is a large handout that contains programmatic calendars from Temple committees and organizations for the entire programming year. It is a reference that can be used to promote the congregation as a single handout to show to new members. In the center is the program from the Golf Tournament itself. The calendar/program provides space for advertising and messages; MoTAS has specifically priced this space to allow anyone to participate.

$18 – Three Line Messages. At the personal level, you can purchase a three line message — whatever you want to say — for $18. Show your support for MoTAS. Show your support for TAS. Shout out to your friends and family — it’s up to you. Each message helps to support MoTAS.

$36 – Business Card Ads. You can also place business-size “In Memorium” messages to remember your loved ones, and for the same price you can submit business cards (personal or business) for publication in the book.

One goal MoTAS has it so draw in the community, and larger ads — from quarter page to full page — are a great way to do that. Get businesses you support to place ads to promote their business to the Temple. This costs you nothing, and helps MoTAS immensely. It also helps us build our relationship to the commumity. For a special flyer targeted to advertisers, including the signup form, visit

Get Golf Tournament Sponsors

Moving up the price scale, there are a large number of sponsorship opportunies. Companies and individuals can sponsor the tournament, starting at $180 for a Tee sign and going up. This is a great way for a corporation or local business to show their support. Sponsorships at the Corporate level and above include player spots, and all include advertising in the TAS Calendar/Tournament Program. Information on the wide variety of sponsorships is available at For a special flyer targeted to Golf Tournament sponsors, visit

Donate to the Raffle/Silent Auction

A key element of the Golf Tournament is our raffle and auction, and you can help by getting local businesses that you frequent to donate certificates and items for our auction table. This can be a major source of revenue for the tournament. All donors will be listed on the Golf Tournament page for the year, and in the Golf Tournament program. Visit for a printable donation form.

Come Out and Play

Then again, you may actually play golf — or have friends or business associates who play golf. We encourage you to come out an play at the tournament onf Monday, October 19, 2015 at Calabasas Country Club. The entry fee is $215 per player, and that includes a full day on the course as well as a continental breakfast, full lunch, and full dinner buffet, together with after dinner entertainment. Compared to similar events, this is such a bargain! For a special flyer targeted to players, visit

For More Information

More information, including online and printable signup forms and donation forms, is available at or call Barry Mann at 818-360-8881 . Visit for a copy of the main Golf Flyer.


As always, remember that the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom is *your* organization. Keep up to date on our activities at and participate. We want to serve all the men of Temple Ahavat Shalom and welcome new participants from the TAS membership. Join our Facebook group and “follow” our website. Come be part of the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom!

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