Getting to Know You

The other day, while getting a haircut, I ran into retired colleague from work, who used to be a member at TAS (I found this out when I invited him to a MoTAS event). I asked him why he left, and among his reasons was the fact that he really didn’t know anyone at Temple. This is something I’ve heard from a few others. When you are not actively involved with the religious school and its events, it seems hard to get to know people.

Luckily, there is an easy answer. Get involved (and, especially, get involved with MoTAS and Sisterhood). But, you say, these groups are cliques — everyone knows everyone else, and the newcomer is on the outside. That is simply not true. At every MoTAS meeting, we introduce ourselves and say something about ourselves, just as if everyone there was a newcomer. MoTAS is an easy way to get to know some of the other men in the congregation (independent of the kids), find common interests and goals, and work together to do good.

If you’re a man at TAS, we invite you to come to any MoTAS activity and let us build that relationship with you.

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