Demonstrating You’re There

I go to a lot of live theatre. Actors love to have a full house — even if some seats are discounted — because the energy of everyone participating makes the entire production better. I saw this effect recently from the TAS Board in relation to the end of year Tzedakah campaign: it was stressed how important it was for everyone on the Board to particpate, at whatever level they could afford, because of the message it sent. This notion stuck with me, and builds upon the theme of our recent MoTAS Shabbat: The men of TAS being role models.

When you participate in an event as a man of TAS, you send a message through your participation. You demonstrate how the Men of TAS are there for the congregation in all its activities and endeavors. Time and financial constraints may limit our abilities to participate as fully as we might like, but doing whatever we can, whenever we can, says a lot to our leadership. This is true for congregational activities, and it is equally true for MoTAS activities.

When you receive a mailing, email, or call asking you to participate, think about what your participation — or non-participation — says. More importantly, think about what your participation does: it allows you create relationships with other participants, and strengthen your bond to the congregation. Ultimately, it is that bond that keeps MoTAS and TAS strong: people caring about other people, and being there — participating — for them.

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