MoTAS Weekly 09/28/2022: Sukkah Building UPDATE Oct 9

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From the Editor: The goal of the Weekly is to get MoTAS members the information they need on upcoming activities, and then get out of the way. If you have any information on MoTAS activities you need to get out to the membership, please contact the Weekly Editor at


When you’re tired, what sounds appealing? Perhaps a little shack out the field, with some fruits, where perhaps you can see the twinkling stars in the sky? In other words, it’s Sukkah Time!

First, we build a Sukkah: JEWISH MEN WITH TOOLS (MoTAS) are scheduled to build our temple Sukkah on Sunday October 9. We need to get it done by 10am so the kids can decorate it, so we’ll start with some social time around 815a, and the construction will commence at 830 am. All able bodied men [and women] are invited to come help build our community Sukkah and join in the fun and camaraderie.  Bring your gloves, Allen wrenches, your mask. your appetite and your smiles. There will be free bagels, cream cheese and coffee for all. This easy job can be completed in about an hour.

Please let Scott Gore ( know if YOU can shop for chicken wire and wire ties. AND, as Valley Crest is not offering palm fronds, please let us know if you know of sources for palm fronds, corn stalks, or other similar flat-ish vegetation that would be good for the roof or the sides. See the flyer below for specifics of how to get us the palm fronds. If YOU have a truck available to pick up the palm fronds, we would appreciate that also. Please let us know if you can be there to help out!

Then, we eat! After we finish building the sukkah, we’re planning on kicking off the year by going out for lunch at Stonefire Grill. Details will be provided at the Sukkah Building, but the basic plan is to go out, just have fun talking to each other, and do some planning for our activities.



The MoTAS Board met in early August and discussed a bunch of fun activities, including tossing around a number ideas for new activities. We aim to shake off the stodgy image of MoTAS, and come up with events that will appeal to many potential members. To do that, however, we need volunteers to coordinate activities. If you would like to step up to the plate and help us, drop a note to Larry (


TAS is in need of a Zoom-Master or multiple Zoom-Masters to manage the broadcast of our Friday Shabbat services. WE WILL TRAIN YOU. Easy to learn, easy to manage, and you are here for services anyway. We would like to have at least 4 volunteers on a rotating basis with a commitment to one Friday a month or less. Call or email Larry Pfeffer and tell him of your interest: or 818.366.2334.


Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom General Meeting Minutes

Date: Sunday, September 11, 2022, at TAS

Presiding: President Larry Pfefer

Members Present: Larry Pfefer (President), Hal Bass (Secretary), Bill Bigelson, Les Birken, Joe Blachman, Bob Brostoff, Daniel Faigin, Scott Gore (VP), Brian Hatkoff, Larry Hoffman (VP), Al Lapides, Roger Lowe (Treasurer), Joel Lowell, Barry Mann, Joel Mensch, Howard Miller (Past President), Chuck Mondrus, Mark Moskowitz, Jeff Neiman, Russ Rapoport, Bill Shapiro, Bernie Singer, Alan Stepakoff, Mike Thornhill, Scott Yollis

Guest: Phyllis Bigelson

Coffee & Bagels: Mike Thornhill, Chuck Mondrus, Roger Lowe

Question of the Day: How did you spend your summer?

President’s Report:

Plans for sukkah construction next month were reviewed.

Help Wanted: TAS is seeking several members to serve as Zoom masters during Shabbat services.

2022 football squares are sold out, per grid mavens Bob Levine & Kathy Pullman.

Larry Hoffman has volunteered to plan an adult game night for temple members.

Larry Pfefer and Howard Miller will meet offline with Mark Moskowitz, chair of Strategic Planning, to consider additional activities, including potential fundraisers.

Barry Mann is looking at several restaurants for our Dining Does Good program.

Howard Miller announced tentative plans for a poker tournament in February.

Hal Bass, Bob Levine and Roger Lowe are arranging for the temple’s annual Veterans Shabbat, Friday evening, November 11. Hal will communicate with Rabbi Becky and Aaron Solomon about possibly showing photos of TAS veterans during their service years (active duty, National Guard or Reserves) along with a medley of Armed Forces service songs. He will also ask Daniel Faigin to post news of the Veterans Shabbat in The Weekly starting in mid-October.

Treasurer’s Report as of 09/09/22, submitted by Roger Lowe 

(See Email)

New Business: The meeting adjourned early for members to attend a special congregational meeting about refinancing the temple’s mortgage and to set up for today’s MoTAS-sponsored welcoming brunch for Religious School students.

Adjournment and Next MoTAS Meeting: The next MoTAS membership meeting will take place at the temple on Sunday, October 9, at 9 am, when the main activity will be sukkah building. To attend in person, everyone must be fully vaccinated and boosted, and should be prepared to furnish their vaccine card or a photo thereof.

Respectfully submitted,

Hal Bass/Secretary


As always, remember that the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom is *your* organization. Keep up to date on our activities at and participate. Sign up for our action alert list at We want to serve all the men of Temple Ahavat Shalom and welcome new participants from the TAS membership. Join our Facebook group and “follow” our website. Join the MoTAS Google Group at (you may need to be logged into your Google account, if you have one). Come be part of the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom!

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