MoTAS Shabbat Reflection: MoTAS and MRJ (Brian Hatkoff)

Two weeks ago, I visited the garden spot of the world. Well, it was really the Garden State of New Jersey. I went to the national meeting of the Men of Reform Judaism, held in beautiful downtown Newark. Fortunately, it snowed and covered most of it.

I am on the national Executive Council of MRJ and attended as a Jewish Man, talking about Jewish male issues. That was it. Male issues of sports, politics, the election and drinking. Pretty fulfilling. Not much else to say. If you think that is all we talked about and we were that shallow, you would be wrong in so many directions.

Yes, we talked about real issues that men have. With their jobs, their families, with their future. We also talked about Reform Jewish kids on Campus and how to stay connected with them through Jewish programming grants called Reform on Campus. MRJ is the only organization who fund reform Jewish programing at colleges around the country.

We talked about how do we attract the younger men to become more connected and involved with the temple.

We talked about a groundbreaking alliance that MRJ made with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Club, the conservative movements men’s organization. We talked about how to work with each other to strengthen each other not only nationally but down to the local groups.

We talked about social action issues such as sexual attacks on college campuses. Not only women are being attacked but so are the men. One in five is the current number.

WE talked about these and many more issues, but not just leaving it at talk, but taking action by spreading the word. Making people aware of these things starting at our local clubs.

MoTAS already participates in many of these endeavors. More needs to be done. More talk. More action, more and better results.

I am proud to be a member of MoTas and what they do. I am proud of MRJ and what they do. Come join us and make a difference in yours and others lives.

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