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sherman-flyer-v2Does the following sound familiar?

Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh,
Here I am at Camp Grenada
Camp is very entertaining
And they say we’ll have some fun if it stops raining.

How about this song, which always makes me think of Rabbi Lutz

We’ll call him Barry, Barry.
That’ll be the baby’s name.
We thought of Lance or Josh,
But, oh, my gosh,
They’re not the same.
But if it’s Barry, Barry,
That’s a name with style and grace.
And if he’s not a he,
It still could be
Like in Barrie Chase.

If you remember those songs, then either (a) you’re old like me, or (b) you grew up listening to them on Dr. Demento. If you don’t know those songs, you should. Allan Sherman was one of the most popular parody artists of the 1960s, and was the inspiration for modern parody artists like Weird Al Yankovic. Sherman became an instant celebrity in 1962 when he sang and recorded his devilishly clever parody lyrics on the album “My Son, The Folk Singer.” His zany songs hit just the right nerve with the American public and his first three Warner Bros. albums shot to Number One.

On Saturday, October 29, MoTAS and Sisterhood will be hosting a special tribute concert to Allan Sherman starring Linden Waddell. The concert starts at 8pm (with a dessert reception to follow). Early Bird Pricing has ended; online tickets, and phone and email advance registrations are $27 for adults, $18 for children 18 and under. Tickets are $30 at the door. Sponsorship opportunities are available and provide the best seats. For more information, including online ticketing, visit You can also make reservations by emailing or by leaving a message at (641) 715-3900 Ext. 430235# .

This event is open to the general public. Please spread the word to all your friends who love Allan Sherman. It is sure to be a great night.

We also need volunteers to help check people in, setup the dessert reception and clean up afterwards. If you are able to volunteer, please RSVP at Note: Volunteer registration is separate from ticketing or reservations for the show itself.

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