Hidden Rewards

This is my last message to you as MoTAS President. Four years ago, I began the process that led me here by saying “yes” when I was asked to be a Vice-President of MoTAS. Since then, I’ve gotten to know the men of MoTAS very well, and have discovered their depth of devotion to MoTAS and the congregation as a whole. I’ve gotten to know our congregational leaders better, and have come to see how they devote a large amount of time to making Temple Ahavat Shalom the best family it can be. As with any family, mistakes will happen (I’ve made my share), but we work through them because we are a family and because we value that family.

So why did I volunteer? To put it another way, why should you volunteer? There are a number of reasons, beyond the trite but true “service is its own reward.” First, if I want to effect change, I must be that agent of change. Second, becoming active is a wonderful way to get to know congregational members in a way that goes beyond religious school interactions. Lastly, it was a way to challenge myself. I’m a cybersecurity specialist, not comfortable around people. Being President forced me to learn new skills — marketing, selling, promotion. It also taught me that others may have more sage advice than I, and I can learn from everyone. I will treasure my years as MoTAS President for as long as I live.

It is now Frank Soronow’s turn to take the reins, and lead MoTAS to new heights. I have every confidence that he will do a great job; as I’ve gotten to know him, I’ve learned he is a real mensch — a good person with a good soul. It is also your turn to get involved. Start by coming to  a single meeting, participating in a single activity, saying “yes” when asked to get involved. You’ll find that it will cement your bond to the congregation in unimaginable and incredible ways. Thank you for letting me lead you.

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