You Make It Happen

Have you ever wondered how MoTAS does everything that it does? How we can take the initiative and repair and upgrade the Social Hall kitchen? How we can fund scholarships for your children to go to camp and on L’Taken? How we can support the Caring Community, outreach to Alumni, and support special activities of the Religious School? How we can acquire, serve, and cook food at the Purim Carnival and Shabbabaques? How we can support TAS Social Action partners and MRJ outreach to Jews on college campuses? How we can, every year, make a significant contribution to the TAS General Operating fund? The answer is simple. You make it happen.

You make it happen every time you volunteer at a MoTAS event. You make it happen every time you bring a foursome to the MoTAS Golf Tournament or bid in our silent auction. You make it happen every time you sponsor or underwrite a MoTAS activity. You make it happen every time you donate to MoTAS and support our annual appeal. You make it happen when you buy a sports squares or contribute to the Kitchen Challenge. You make it happen by participating.

Right now, you have the opportunity to continue to make it happen. MoTAS has no dues — we depend on those who see value in MoTAS to contribute to our Annual Appeal, which is running from the MoTAS Shabbat in January until the end of April. Also during this time, MoTAS is running the Kitchen Challenge, where you can help MoTAS bring to Social Hall kitchen to the same level of excellence as the Social Hall. Contribute to both at . March also brings the NCAA Championships, and with that, Basketball Squares. Get your square today at . Remember that we depend on you to make it happen.


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