Demonstrating Leadership

In my d’var torah at the MoTAS Shabbat, I talked about leadership, and encouraged the men in our congregation to be leaders. You have that opportunity right now.

Be a leader for MoTAS by supporting our Annual Appeal. MoTAS has done away with formal dues and membership; instead, we depend on the men of the congregation to support MoTAS with a contribution that reflects the value of the relationship that MoTAS brings to them, the congregation, and the community at large. Together in Brotherhood, we can do remarkable things with your support. You can find both online and printable donation forms at .

While you’re there, please consider showing leadership again by donating to our Kitchen Challenge. At the June Shabbabaque, MoTAS uncovered problems with the refrigeration and cooling in the kitchen. Our social hall has become a gem and an asset; let’s keep it that way with a working kitchen. MoTAS challenges you to contribute to repairing our kitchen with a matching grant of $1,500 — we will match the first $1,500 raised in the kitchen challenge. [Additionally, an anonymous MoTAS member has set up a matching match, and the Temple itself has set up another matching match — meaning each of the first $1,500 raised brings in 3 additional dollars!] The cost is high: estimates of $4,500 for the cooling, $3,200 for the refrigerators, and $4,100 for the freezer. Anything you donate will help us help TAS improve the kitchen. As with the Annual Appeal, online and printable donation forms are at .

For either the Annual Appeal or the Kitchen Challenge, donations of $100 or more will be acknowledged on our Wall of Honor. We thank you in advance for your support.

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