It’s In You

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a Shabbat service at Wilshire Blvd. Temple. During the service, Rabbi Leder talked about the Torah portion, which included a detailed description of the building of the Tabernacle. He pointed out that although one might think the Tabernacle was being built as the home for G-d, the portion was clear that it wasn’t. Rather, the notion was that G-d would reside in the Jewish people G-d would be a part of each and everyone one of us.

That’s a notion that resonated with me, and that resonance became strong when I thought of MoTAS. What makes us strong as MoTAS is not the buildings we meet in or even the specific things we do — it is the spirit within us that binds us as brother to brother. It is the relationships between men that turn into friendships, and those friendships that turn into unbreakable bonds that are essentially at the level of family. It is this connection and spirit that makes MoTAS special, and it is one of the reasons why those of use active in MoTAS love our MoTAS brothers.

We invite you to join in the bond: be part of our brotherhood of friends. Come to a membership meeting, come to one of our activities, or just come up to one of us at a Shabbat and say “Shalom”. You’re always welcome with us.

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