Man of the Year – Bob Levine

motas-shabbat-2015As part of our MoTAS Shabbat, MoTAS announced this year’s Man of the Year. During the service, our honoree was introduced by the 2014 Men of the Year, Steve Zonis (Z) and Scott Yollis (Y). Here is their introduction:

Y: We understand that while serving in the United States Navy, he was a Jewish lay leader; organizing and leading Yom Kippur services in Greece and also a Passover Seder in the Panama Canal Zone.

Z: Since coming to TAS in 2006 he has:

Y: Served on the TAS Board of Trustees.

Z: Served on the Marketing and Membership Committees.

Y: Served as President, Vice President, Treasure, and Program Chairman of the Men of TAS.

Z: He has Co-Chaired our Annual Golf Tournament.

Y: As a side note, in 2011 he was a golf participant and was bestowed with the Last Place Award proving he’s also a great sport and willing to do help with things lesser men might consider demeaning.

Z: When volunteers were scarce he chaired 4 MoTAS committees at the same time!

Y: He’s the creator of the very popular MoTAS Football Squares fundraiser.

Z: He shops for all sorts of stuff we need.

Y: He attends the TAS Picnic in the Park.

Z: He is a big part of our Shabbat Services.

Y: He helps organize our Shabbat Dinners.

Z: He even writes music for the Men of TAS Shabbat Service.

Y: He always volunteers for:

Z: Sukkah Building

Y: The Summer Shabbabaques

Z: The Annual Poker Tournament

Y: The Purim Festival

Z: The Men’s Passover Seder

Y: He is also a highly requested B’nai Mitzvah Bimah Buddy. You’d think he was a rock star by his popularity.

Z: He’s even flown to Florida to represent us at the Men of Reform Judaism Annual Meeting.

Y: And as if that’s not enough, he’s been a generous supporter of our Hanukkah Appeal, our contributions to the General Fund, our Torah Restoration Project, the Early Childhood Fund, and the Annual Giving Campaign.

Y and Z: We are proud to be his friends and to introduce this year’s 2015 Temple Ahavat Shalom Man of the Year, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kathy’s favorite personal assistant: BOB LEVINE.

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