Enter the Young

A question that has long plagued MoTAS leadership is how to get younger men — dads and college-age men — involved and active. We’re not alone in this; the question is regularly raised on Yammer (the URJ discussion board). It’s also not just a MoTAS question; congregations are also faced on how to get young adults involved in congregational life before school draws them in.

We do have some ideas. In the Spring, we’re doing to initiate some activities that are good for the family. We’re going to engage with AEπ at CSUN — they participated in Mitzvah Day, and we’re going to invite them to the MoTAS Shabbat and other events. We’re also open to your suggestions on how to get younger men involved.

We also encourage you to do your part. If you know college age men and men raising families, we encourage you to personally invite them to a MoTAS activity. Everyone benefits from the interchange.

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