T-A-G for T-A-S

When I was in my teens, I was a member of the youth group TAG at Wilshire Blvd. Temple. TAG stood for Torah-Avodah-Gem’lut Chasadim. You probably recognize this phrase if you’re familiar with the song Al Shlosha D’varim, derived from Pirke Avot 1:2: Upon three things the world stands: Upon Torah, Upon service, and Upon acts of loving kindness.

In thinking about MoTAS and its role in the congregation, we’ve been a bit unbalanced with respect to T-A-G. We’ve had Torah in our monthly D’var Torahs, in our MoTAS Shabbat (coming in January), and our Men’s Seder. We’ve had Gem’lut Chasadim in the financial support we provide to congregational activities. But our service has been more limited to building the Sukkah and providing food service at events.

This year, MoTAS is leveling things out. We’re joining with the rest of the congregation in participating in Mitzvah Day on the first Sunday in November. We’re going to be “Jews with Tools for the Schools”, as the recent ECEC cleanup demonstrated that there are a number of simple repairs we can make around our school facilities to make them even safer, more functional, and operating efficiently.

But that’s not all: We’re already planning to participate in the Sundays of Service in April 2015, working with the Social Action Committee and Food Forward to pick fruit from trees for the community.

The world stands on three things: Torah, Service, and Good Deeds. We invite you to participate with MoTAS in standing strong in these areas.

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