MoTAS Weekly for 8/13/14

MoTAS Weekly NewsletterIn This Issue:

  1. It’s Football Square Season
  2. Golf Tournament: Another Win-Win-Win for
  3. Welcoming at the Shabbabeque
  4. We Are The Champions
  5. September Activities
  6. Meet the Men of TAS: Bob Levine
  7. Wear MoTAS On Your Shirt
  8. Jews with Tools for the Schools
  9. In Closing



OK, I’ll be blunt. It’s time to buy your space on the Football Squares board. $50 is all that is required for an individual to purchase a square, and you could quite possibly win that back. Each week during the Monday Night Football season, prizes will be awarded for those squares matching the scores at the quarter, half, three-quarter, and final marks (based on the last digit of the total score, and the randomized numbers along the top and side of the grid – no skill involved). Not only can you win, but the congregation wins as well. If the board is fully subscribed, $5000 is raised, and $2000 is paid out in prizes, leaving $3000 to be allocated to specific temple activities.

The board is over half full, and there’s still a month to go on signups. There’s only one way to ensure you get a square: visit to learn how to purchase your square today. There you can find an online sign-up form, or a form you can fill in, print, and mail. Forms and signups will also be available at the Friday night Shabbabeque.

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The Annual MoTAS Golf Tournament is on Monday, October 27, 2014, and (as I’ve mentioned before) you’re going to be seeing weekly reminders until then to participate. Each week, we’ll try to highlight the different ways you can help the Golf Tournament; this week, we’re talking about the calendar/ad book. This is something new for the Golf Tournament, and it is a win-win … actually, a win-win-win.

I’ll be blunt again: Email publicity doesn’t work for everyone. Perhaps 30% open an email blast, and not having a printed Menorah makes it hard to put something out to remind you of events. MoTAS has a solution: The calendar/ad book we are producing as part of the Golf Tournament. Every TAS entity—at no cost to them—can have a page or two in the calendar to publicize their group/committee and their calendar for the year. This book will be printed in sufficient quantity that copies will be available throughout the year in the TAS Foyer. You can have something printed to remind you of what is happening! This is a win for the folks that prefer printed publicity.

I’ll continue with my bluntness: I’m tired of constantly hitting up the same people for support. Much as I’m greatful for all the wonderful members that support us, I’m sure they get tired of “the call”. The ad book is a way to draw money in from the surrounding community! Although it is possible for individuals to buy messages in the book ($18) or “in honor of/in memory of” ads ($36), the intent of the ad book is to sell ads to local businesses, ranging from $36 for a business card to $250 for a full-page ad. Local business can show their support of the congregation, and draw in local patrons. All it takes is you, taking a golf tournament flyer and getting your favorite
local businesses to buy an ad. This is a win for the businesses that show their support of the Temple and an inexpensive way to draw in patrons (and, while you’re at it, encourage them to donate prizes for the prize table).

Lastly, this is a win for TAS and MoTAS. Money raised by the Golf Tournament and ad book, after expenses, goes directly to supporting MoTAS, to MoTAS supporting TAS in all of its needs, and in supporting a number of charities, such as the Knock Foundation, with which MoTAS works. By
supporting the adbook and Golf Tournament, you support TAS

As always, you can find more information on the golf tournament and the calendar/ad book at Our Golf website also provides information on how register as a player, how to make prize donations, and how to get special golf sponsorships.

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Friday night, August 15, is the second Shabbabeque. Hopefully you have your reservation for dinner (and thanks to those that are volunteering). For those MoTAS members attending the event (and if you are a man and attending, you are a MoTAS member attending the event): Please make sure to wear your MoTAS name badge. There are currently name badges for anyone that has contributed to our annual support in the last year, or has attended a Sunday
morning meeting. Want to ensure you have a name badge? Drop a note to asking for a name badge. The name badge will be available in an accordion folder near the sign-in sheets. Return your badge to the folder at the end of
the evening.

By wearing your name badge, you are demonstrating that MoTAS wants to build a relationship with people. You’re being welcoming to new and prospective members. Let’s make MoTAS the role model of being welcoming.

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Last Sunday was the Queen Nation concert at Warner Park. MoTAS tried something new, and coordinated a family “Concert in the Park” during the event. After we finally found each other, seven MoTAS regulars and their families had a wonderful time socializing and sharing a picnic dinner. Thank you to all those who attended: Daniel Faigin, Bob Brostoff, Brian Hatkoff, Bob Levine, Keith Rosen, Ben Tenn, Dave Friedman, and their families. If you didn’t make it this year, look for the event to happen again in August 2015!

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Summer is winding down, and September is rapidly approach. Elul is in the air. Here is a reminder of what to look forward to from MoTAS in September:

  • Sunday, September 7. The first day of Religious School is approaching fast… and you know what that means. It’s time for the MoTAS Pancake Breakfast. Join the men of Temple Ahavat Shalom on Sunday September 7 at 9am for a delicious breakfast of pancakes, juice, and other goodies. We’re also going to need volunteers to help us with the setup and cleanup. If you will be available that morning, please contact Joel Lowell at 818/832-1525.
  • Sunday, September 14. The second Sunday in September marks the start of our monthly speaker meetings. Join us in the Activity Center at 8:45 am for our traditional MoTAS breakfast — bagels, lox, fruit, sweets, eggs, juice, and coffee / tea. Breakfast and our activity review will be followed by our first speaker of the year: Erik Greenberg of the Autry Museum. The title of Erik’s talk is “The Jewish Institutions of the Sepulveda Pass“. The Jewish institutions that line the Sepulveda Pass offer physical evidence of LA Jewry’s westward movement and a glimpse into the beliefs and ideals that helped shape American Jewish observance and culture over the past fifty years. Dr. Erik Greenberg, Director of Education at the Autry National Center and participant in the UCLA Center for Jewish Studies’ web project, Mapping Jewish LA, will explore and explain the connections between
    the Jewish institutions of the Pass and their connection to some of the most significant developments in postwar, American Jewish thought.

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The best way to build a relationship with someone is to get to know them. In support of this, we’re using our weekly newsletter to introduce you to the Men of TAS, starting with this year’s officers. If you’re a man of TAS — especially if you’re a regular participant in MoTAS activities — we would love to share your bio. Just mail it to

Bob LevineBob Levine, current past-president, has been a member of TAS since 2006, serving as MoTAS’s treasurer, vice-president, and president. During his term as president, MoTAS converted from dues-paying membership to full inclusion, without a dues requirement. He introduced the popular and successful “sports game” fundraisers to the community, which have, to date, added more than $7,000 to special needs projects. As MoTAS president, Bob was part of the TAS Board of Trustees, and previously served TAS’s marketing and membership committees.

Bob is a Certified Public Accountant (“debits to the window”), addressing the various needs of individuals and small businesses.  Prior to becoming an accountant, Bob was a retail merchant: senior Cosmetics buyer for Macy’s Midwest division. He was an officer in the US Navy during the Vietnam era, happily serving one tour in the Mediterranean Sea, and two tours in the Caribbean Ocean. As Jewish lay leader, he organized and led a Yom Kippur service in Greece and a Passover Seder in the Panama Canal
Zone. He has BA and MBA degrees, both from Columbia University, and studied in the Career Counseling Master’s program at CSUN.

Bob’s hobbies include writing and music. He has composed religious meditations that have been played at TAS services. Bob has one child, an adult daughter living in New Jersey. Kathy, his best-thing-ever partner, lovingly keeps his to-do list fully stocked.

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Did you know that the Men of TAS has a store where you can purchase a variety of items with the MoTAS logo. From T-Shirts to Golf Shirts to Denim Shirts, from Golf Balls to Wine Coolers, from Sports Bottles to Hats and Aprons. All are available at the MoTAS CafePress store. Just visit

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The first Sunday of November is Mitzvah Day. This year, MoTAS will be there to be a role model in rebuilding the community. We mean that literally. Last Sunday’s ECEC cleanup demonstrated there are numerous projects around our school facilities (ECEC, Religious School) that are just calling out for (insert music here) “Jews with Tools”. Mark the date on your calendar, strap on
that tool belt, and plan to join MoTAS for Mitzvah Day!

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In closing, MoTAS condolences to out to Barry Mann, who recently lost a member of his family. We also wish Steve Zonis a rapid recovery from his back troubles. As always, remember that the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom is *your* organization. Keep up to date on our activities at and participate. We want to serve all the men of Temple Ahavat Shalom and welcome new participants from the TAS membership. Join our Facebook group and “follow” our new website. Come be part of the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom!

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