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Download and Print the Donation Form

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Happy New Year my friends,

The Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom and I wish the very best for you and your family.

Each year at this time, MoTAS appeals to our temple membership to help our group serve the temple and promote Jewish values.  We are an inclusive community for male comradery and service and invite all male members of TAS to participate with us regardless of ability to pay.  We rely on the financial support of temple members to help us succeed.

As I write this appeal, our temple, our city and our country are facing the largest rise of anti-Semitic instances in recent history.  Last fall, our temple experienced anti-Semitic graffiti on one of our temple signs.  It is vitally important that our children and all members feel that our temple is a safe haven and look forward to participating in the myriad of temple activities with pride and joy.

After the graffiti incident, MoTAS suggested and paid for the installation of a special camera overlooking the parking lot exit gate and the fenced area around it.

MoTAS, along with our temple Sisterhood, are champions for our temple children and overall membership.  We volunteer and financially assist activities that bring enjoyment to our community by:

  • Providing our free annual pancake breakfast and January Tu B’shevat Seder
  • Funding the Avodah and Campership programs to assist parents in paying for such activities
  • Helping send confirmation students on the Washington DC L’Taken trip
  • Risking brains and fingers to build the Sukkah for religious school and temple celebrations
  • Financially supporting the Cantor’s Concert and Temple Gala
  • Cooking for and serving 180 people at our annual Shabbabaque and 300 people at the Purim carnival

This year, The Men of TAS helped improve the welcoming appearance of the temple by:

  • Paying a significant portion of costs for 1200 sq feet of beautiful artificial grass now covering the former dirt area of the ECEC playground
  • Purchasing a large decorative area rug for an ECEC classroom so that children can enjoy playing on the floor
  • On Sunday February 23 March 1 we plan on repainting our parking lot gates and a significant portion of surrounding fencing.  Come join us if you would like to help.

Over the last year, The Men of TAS invested almost $15,000 toward the success and enjoyment of our temple community.  We are successful because of fundraising efforts such as our Texas Hold-em Poker Tournament, sport squares contests and this annual appeal to our temple congregants.

Please consider helping The Men of TAS achieve our goal to promote our temple and champion Jewish values. Those who contribute $100 or more are recognized on our MoTAS Wall of Honor.  We appreciate contributions of any size.

If our goals inspire you, I invite you to join The Men of TAS at our free and friendly monthly brunch.  See the TAS Northridge calendar for our next Men of TAS Sunday meeting or call Howard Miller at (818) 993-0796.  Encourage your friends and family to:

With great appreciation,

Howard Miller
President, Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom

P.S.: We want to make donating easy. You can download, print, fill out and mail-in the printable form, you can donate online (small online processing fee added), or you can contact our Treasurer,  Roger Lowe,  at to coordinate paying via Zelle, Venmo or Paypal.

Download and Print
the Donation Form

P.P.S. If you would also like to specifically support MoTAS in our temple beautification projects, the attached form has a segment for additional contributions to what we call “TAS Pride”. This money will go specifically for the further beautification of our temple buildings, grounds and play areas.  This year it will be used to help pay for the paint and tools for beautifying our security gates and the fencing along our parking lot.

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