July Potluck and Gaming Hang-Out

PotluckWhat’s a Second Sunday without a MoTAS Get-Together. However, it’s summer and religious school is out — so let’s party! The men of TAS (well, as many as can fit) are invited to the new President’s house in Northridge on Sunday, July 13 for an afternoon/evening of socializing, chatting, and perhaps some board gaming… of all varieties. This is an informal event — come anytime during the window of 2pm to 9pm. The price of admission? Bring something to eat or drink to share. Daniel will provide coffee and tea, both regular and iced, plus a big pot of chili.* We do have a swimming pool, although (you’ve been warned) it tends to shed fiberglass.

So come, have a good time, and discover the men of TAS. RSVPs are required so we can coordinate the food and the space:

If you indicate you are attending, we will contact you to provide you with the address, and to find out what you will be bringing and approximately when in the event window you will arrive.

*: Translation — Daniel’s not a beer drinker, so if you want beer, you’ll need to bring it

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